Artwork Details

I love too much
  • Mediums:Acrylic, Found Objects, Spray Paint, Wood and varnish on Canvas and Wood.
  • Date Created:April 10, 2015
  • Size:60 H x 60 W x 1 cm
  • Category: Painting
  • Buy it:Price on Request

I've been fucked too much with(out) love

I love too much.
I like so much to love, but I think i love too much...

Amor é lixado. (PT) or (Amar é lixado. (PT) there is "a" behind "o")
Love is sanded. (ENG)

In Portuguese "lixa" is "sandpaper"
And when you say "lixado" its slang, it means you are "fuc*ed", or the meaning of "lixo" is trash; remains; rubble; dirt; filth; worthless thing.

I used "sandpaper" to prepare the board and in the cutting of letters.

There was a cliché phrase "Love is only beautiful when both love."

Love can also be polished and cared to stay very soft.

I repeat myself in a painting looping.

Too much love will kill you...??? is it?