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Born in 1978 - V.N. Famalicão–Portugal, where he lives and works.
Works regularly for collective and individual exhibitions since 2000, in 2009 artistic creation became more frequent using as a primary means of exposure online art galleries. The Artistic work has long been intercalated with the work of Graphic Designer, Web-designer, and Advertising, these activities continue to be related to current artistic activity.

“Great dreamer's dream are never fulfilled, they are always transcended”

Alfred Whitehead

Since very early drawing is part of me, never ceased to be, but lately i was more connected to advertising, this allowed me to have some contact with various materials such as LEDs, vinyl, digital printing, lighting, plexiglass, transparencies, PVC, construction materials, and others alternatives to traditional painting.

I use all the experiences and contact i had with the most diverse materials to enrich my chances of expressing in many different ways the result that i intend, i try my work also reflects the new technological age, brightness and transparency of surfaces.

I represent an imaginary or real universe, making use of words and images, i use images i see and photograph, or experiences, and i take them to translate into artistic language, can be beautiful or ugly without forgetting my identity and what we want my work to be reflected.

In each work my desire and challenge i propose myself is always to overcome me and do always better, do not limit myself to one style, technique or theme, and each new work should be something completely different, the surprise of creating unconventional compositions, are own objectives.

I want to achieve a balance between thought and technique, and also important is color, composition and detail, sometimes is also a children’s emotional side and other times it’s more bizarre and meticulous.

I can hardly separate life from my work and both are deeply connected, i take advantage of accidents and experiences or feelings when i create a piece, i always try to be perfect in what I do but the error happens and I will take it.

I have dedicated myself first to an online art market, these online experiences have proven to be positive in the last 4 years since i started, now I dedicate all my time as a professional artist and my artwork has been sold to many collectors from all over the world.

My objective is to express art and humanity, time and value changes.


+ II Competition “Coura em Fotografia” - Paredes de Coura, Portugal in 2000.
+ Young Art Competition - VN Famalicão, Portugal, in 2001.
+ III Competition “ Coura em Fotografia” - Paredes de Coura, Portugal , in 2001
+ “Caldas Late Night” - Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, in 2003
+ Competition “Periodic Table” – ISEP Porto, Portugal, in 2003.
+ Competition “Famalicão Industrial Tourism”, - VN Famalicão, Portugal, in 2012
+ See.me - “Story of creative” - NYC, USA, in 2013.
+ “Paralaxx Art Fair” - London, UK, in 2013.
+ “Salpicarte” (Public Intervention) - Aveiro, Portugal, in 2013.
+ See.me - “CreativesRising” - NYC, USA, in 2013.
+ “DNA of Europe”, United Artists - Belgium, in 2014.
+ ArtCrasher - Los Angeles, USA, in 2014.
+ “SeeMeTakeover” - Times Square - NYC, USA, in 2014.
+ Mural in the Secondary School of Amares (Public intervention) - Braga, Portugal, in 2014.
+ Shair Gallery - Braga, Portugal, in 2014.
+ Theatro Circo - Braga, Portugal, in 2014.
+ Shair Gallery - Braga, Portugal, in 2015.

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I am an artist at living, my work of art is my life.